Monday, March 28, 2011

Email 28 March 2011

Well... I HAVE STREP THROAT!!!!!! WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not that exciting, I actually feel quite horrible right now, a few clouds you could say, but at the same time I feel very happy! We had a wonderful baptism of Maria Beatriz Rodriguez Ibarguren this past Saturday, and even better, she was baptised by her nephew Juan Carlos! That´s the first time I´ve witnessed someone I´ve helped get baptised have the opportunity to baptise someone else, it was a feeling very incredible. And the amazing thing was that it was such a simple service, without music, not a whole bunch of people and just a couple speakers.... but the Spirit they brought and that was present made it all worthwhile! One of the cousins of Carlos that we are actually teaching, told her Mom that she loved the simplicity of it all and that she could see herself getting baptised in the future, so we´ll be working on that with her! That´s a whole lot of sun for a few pathetic clouds I´ll tell ya what! We are truly blessed, we even got some new pairs of shoes from Carlos´ Father! Which was another blessing because mine are getting pretty beat up! Amazing! God is really blessing us for the efforts we are giving.
Thanks for the update and for the encouraging words! Luv ya tons!

Photos: A giant tree! and the Baptism! (Us, Beatris, her Daughter, and Juan Carlos!)

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