Monday, March 14, 2011

Email 14 March 2011

My companion is doing a lot better! I´m struggling to stay awake! Because of some new laws I had to come to Montevideo today and get finger-printed! I left with another missionary last night at 2:30am, ironically when I have the chance to pick up an extra hour of sleep... I loose it and more the very next night. We went and visited some of his converts because we were in an old area of his. And we head back to Dolores at stuff.

We are teaching a really cool couple, Nestor and Paola. They´re a young couple living together without kids, not married, surprise surprise...... but they are really awesome and don´t really have any religious background, we teach the basics of the basics and they actually really like it. The other night we went on divisions with the ward and I went with an Hermano Luis, and my comp with another Hermano. We taught them all about eternal marriage.... I´ve never taught that before on a second lesson, but it was actually really good and Nestor liked everything said that it all sounds good. He actually really wants to get baptised, someone who was prepared before hand, they actually came to church the day after we found them (not common) and he takes the Book of Mormon with him to work! I´m so excited to keep working with them!

Ya, Elder Maes just died! (in missionary lingo that means he left for home) also Elder Lockheart is now at his house! My second comp I had, and now all of my comps I´ve had start dying

There´s always a reason for the callings we receive! ALWAYS! Sometimes we are given callings to humble ourselves and let Christ pick us up higher than we were before! He´s always there to help in the calling, trust in him and listen, he´s always talking to you! I´ve been learning that lately! We just have to give him heed and he´ll help us :)
How old did Dad turn?

Thanks for the update! Le quiero mucho!

Photos: chilling in the plaza, ´the sword of the spirit´, FHE with Carlos and his fam, a bug!

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