Monday, March 7, 2011

Email March 7, 2011

Carlos received the Priesthood sunday! It was such a great moment, 3 young men received the priesthood in total! And the Spirit was so strongly present! His Mother was there and was crying in the end. It´s so great that their household now has a priesthood holder! And Beatrice, his aunt, is moving along great, we have a FHE with them tonight and I think she´ll be ready for the water the 26th of this month! We are being blessed. My comp, however, this last week got sick and was throwing up a little and using the potty a LOT! So we didn´t get to work as much as we wanted to, but I got a lot of study time! And I´m learning a lot! With the other elders in Dolores we gave him a blessing, and he´s doing a lot better now!

Pics: The baptism!!!!!!!! and a keepsake we got! Bicentenial year here in Mercedes area! and we are here for it!
Thanks so much for the update and the support and amor!
Luv ya tons! Chau!

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