Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scott Hancock to Michael
show details Sep 26 (1 day ago)
How is your week, any good prospects? it's got to be tuff, what is the average baptisms for a missionary? Anyway, the continuing saga gose on... Tomorrow I'm going to climb aboard a boom trailer (see image) scary, so I can cut down the tree at the studio, I have trimmed it alot but can't get to the higher ones so we will see what happens. I shot picture of pets with there people at a pet fair, Andra's was one of the main announcers and I shot pets... it was for fun like stretchy pants. I'm praying for you, keep plugging on!! Love Dad

Michael to Scott Hancock
show details 10:37 AM (22 hours ago)
We´re still working with the 2 families and we´ve been having a hard time finding new people, a lot of door knocking and rejection. We´ve actually started focussing a little more on the less active members, we have a list of all the members, hundreds, even though only about 40 actually go, and we´ve been visiting them all. So far it all comes down to 3 reasons why they´re inactive: 1- they moved, 2- they´re dead, 3- they were ofended! I hate with a passion the last one even more and more. All too often people forget that this church is perfect, sometimes the members aren´t, sadly. They loose that eternal perspective and just feel anger. I really just want to drop the cane on them sometimes, but we don´t do that as missionaries, or at least we´re not supposed to. Average baptisms..... I really don´t know... depends on a lot of things. Anywhere from 4-100, I´m really not sure what the average is. I hit my 1/3 mark this week (crazy!) and I have 2..... so.... ya...
Be careful cutting down those branches! The pet show sounded pretty fun, how did Andra score announcing? Anyways, thanks for the update and the prayers. Luv ya tons!

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