Monday, September 20, 2010

Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Scott Hancock to Michael
Sep 19 (1 day ago)
So another week, it seems to fly by fast, U? Hows the country side? quite? let me know. Brother Goudy reads your blog every week and has ask if its updated. Remember Diaz he will be home in 7 month and you been out just over? Crazy. Finished the front of the studio, Looks good and now I've started cutting down the tree just on the north side of the studio, I put as much of it as I can in the garbage can each week, then I got to wait a week. Daniel and I have to go in to be fitted for tuxes, crazy again! I'm making josh and Andra's slide show hope we get it done, I'm adding short clips inside the show as well, will see how it goes. I'm tired from all the work but my blood pressure is going down, I've been drinking some crazy stuff (Pro-argine-9) that has been reversing the hardening of arteries, anyway we will continue monitor and see what happens. Love ya tons! Dad :D

Michael Hancock to Scott Hancock
10:42 AM (12 hours ago)
It does fly by fast!!! in 8 more days, I´ll be 1/3 of the way done with the mission!!!! That´s insane!!!! I still feel like the new guy! It´s so weird.... I´m in that mixed feeling stage, I only have two baptisms and a third of my mission, I know you´re not supposed to judge mission success on numbers of baptisms... but some times I wonder if I´m just not doing something right.... It´s been a challenge recently... deeling with finding a new house, my comp seems to be getting more and more trunky, he talks about girls a lot, and just dealing with a 4 elder house, there´s more comparison than there needs to be and lots of fooling around, I´ve been saying a lot of prayers lately, asking for more caridad... charity.... the ability to love my fellowman.. or elders... I´ve been trying to watch myself lately, how I act and react to things and it´s been interesting to see... it´s really hard to not have pride and only charity and love... just some of those feelings that creep in here and there... anyhow, it´s just been interesting. I can´t believe he´s going home in just 7 months... it does pass by really fast. Tuxes again! What color this time? you don´t have to wear pink right? :) Good for you and your blood pressure, I try to eat healthy here, but sometimes it´s hard.... I definitely put on some pounds, but I think I´m flat lining it right now :) Anyhow, good luck with everything that´s going on, I love ya tons! Chau!

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