Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Email 27 June 2011

Did we have a baptism the other day?!.....Just look at the photos! Oh, It was AWESOME! It was the greatest feeling to see Enrique, after such a long hard life of sin, find his mistakes, correct them, and make the changes to follow Christ.... and then to see him washed clean!.....All of it gone! To start anew, reborn in Christ. The Bishop baptised him and afterwards told us that the water was cold! But as soon as he said the prayer, the water felt warm, after he pulled Enrique out of the water he hugged him and asked him if he felt cold, he said no, he felt perfect! I´m so excited for him. He was confirmed the following day and now he´s a member!

Well... other unique things... we did a bit of service this week! We helped move some furniture, we painted some chapas! (there like plywood walls), we pruned some trees ( as you can tell from the photo! With a machete :) NICE!) and filled bags of sand to fill up some holes in the church soccer field! It was all lots of fun!

We are actually freezing over here! The last 2 days have been really cold! And our heater stinks! ( not litereally, just doesn´t work well at all) But we are surviving! WE ARE SURVIVORS!!!!!!

Some missionaries I was with back in November have already gotten married! CRAZY!!! Any of my friends married yet?

That´s awesome that you´re reading! I love that part! I´m now hitting page 300 in Jesus the Christ!!! It´s really awesome stuff! It´s neat to get to know the Savior more!

Well, that´s about all for now! Luv ya tons!

Photos: Service in the tree!, 2 baptism photos!, and our Schin tower!!! Don´t worry, there were four of us drinking to make that, not just me!

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