Monday, July 18, 2011

Email 18 Jul 2011

The ward here is actually decent sized, there are about 70 members that are going, not very many youth, but many young couples and returned missionaries! And I´m getting fed probably better than any other area I´ve been in so far! I hope I don´t get fat! And yes.... there are a great many less active members! The happy news, is that we will probably have a baptism this weekend!!! Erica! An 11 year old young lady, whose father is actually Muslim, but we talked with him today and he gave his permission, really a great guy! She´s been going to the church with a recent convert and her kids! It´s been great! We may have some other possibles coming up! Oh, and the other night Uruguay beet Argentina in the American Cup and are going to the semi-finals!!!!! It was pretty intense!!! People were celebrating late into the night!

The Terry reunion will be fun! Tell them all to write me! :) Because so far the Birds are winning everyone! They´re the only ones who keep writing me.

I actually just read about the prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem! In Jesus the Christ! I´m actually on his last week as well! Pg. 585 mas o menos! It´s really good stuff to learn and really interestig, I´m enjoying learning all about it.
Today we went out to the pier, I was there about a year ago! weird to think!

Anyhow, thanks for the updates! I hope you all have fun at the reunion! Here you have a photo of my comp with a dog, a view from our apartment window, me with a member of the military, and I forgot what was the other photo! oh well!
Thanks for todo! Luv ya tons! Chau!

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