Monday, May 2, 2011

02 May 2011 Email

YAY for uncle Trent!!! That´s awesome! And OH NO for Daniel! AP testing stinks!
That´s a cool idea to read all of the events at the same time! I finally finished ALL of the standard works!!!!! And now I´m starting the Book of Mormon again and am in the middle of 2Nephi!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Im marking all of the parts that talk about Christ in another Book of Mormon, it´s really neat!
This last week was a hard week, we´ve been having a hard time finding people and we didn´t get anyone in church this last week, I havn´t had that for awhile!!! It´s sad, I don´t know if it was the weather! Very stormy, windy, rainy, and cold! And it was also 1 de Mayo, it´s like Labor Day here! I was bummed. But we have received quite a few references from some members and are gaining their trust it looks like, so we are excitied to work with some of them, and hopefully we´ll get some more progress here :)
Anyhow, not much more than that for now! Thanks for the update and all the support! Luv ya tons! Chau por ahora!

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