Monday, April 4, 2011

Email 4 April 2011

Well....I LOVED General Conference.... we had 4 investigators make it, we are upset that a few didn´t go and we´ll find out why later on in this week, but for those who went we heard at least one talk that was perfect for everyone of them. Rosa was having some doubts about the temples and marriage and why the big expensive buildings are necesary! Pres. Monson hit that one right on the target. And that´s just one example, it was perfect for all of them.... as for myself... at the beginning of my time here in Dolores, I had just finished a really rough and trialing change in Rosario.... and I was thinking, what is the new lesson God will want me to learn here in Dolores? The very first hymn I sang in my very first sacrament meeting here was "More Holiness Give Me (Mas Santidad Da Me)", and as I song that song and felt the Spirit, I knew God wanted me to learn how to be more holy, or just how to be a kinder and more spirit-filled person. And as I listened to all the topics and talks in conference I realized that that was a great part of the unplanned theme. A few of the talks quoted "become perfect.." and a great many about service and charity. And then it was ironically finished, the conference, by singing the closing hymn...."More Holiness Give Me". Funny that at that moment, I felt the Spirit more than before. It made me think about some of my faults and realize I need to change some things..... really good stuff! Another thing I learned.... I gotta get married and not waist any time when I get home
I saw the snow on the TV! Oh, I want some snow here, the other night there were some intense thunderstorms! But they were all further away but encircled us about 45 degrees! And all the sky was flashing A LOT in that 45 degree radius, I went to the roof to film part of it with my camera... but batteries were dead.... a bummer.
YAY Easter!!!! My strep is gone! I´m doing a ton better! And we´re excited to get to work. We have a Noche de Hogar with Carlos and Rosa and Beatriz and hopefully Teresa and Lila will make it, tonight! Exciting!
Anyhow, Thanks sooooo much for the update and the commentaries on the conference, it was a really good one, my 3rd for the mission, LOCO! Time is running away! But I´m enjoying it all!
Gracias por todo! Te amo! Hasta Luego!

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