Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May 2011 Email

We got our changes last night and I´m staying in Dolores again with Elder Hales! This will be the longest that I´ve ever stayed in an area! almost 6 months!!! Wow!!! It´s gonna be hard to say goodbye to people at the end, but I´m really excited to have some more time here! We found someone, led by the Lord the other day that I beleive was prepared. I´m excited to work with her and some others still that we are working with!

We had a really good FHE with Carlos and his family the other night, all about change with Alma the Younger. Trying to help them beleive that the Father can change sometime, and unexpectedly Teresa showed up, and I think it was good for her to be there too! Then we played a game like scatagories! All in Spanish, and I still won! :) How cool is that?! It was a really good FHE and really fun too.

They´ve made alot of changes in the mission recently, just in the ways of training and doing the district meetings and everything, so we´re gonna see what happens! Anyhow, it´s raining now, it´s been cold the last two days....I think it´s about ready to stay like that!

Well, that´s all for now! The photos are all from our last trip to the Villa Soriano! I hope you enjoy the model shots! HA! :)
Thanks for everything! Chau por ahora! Luv ya tons!

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