Monday, February 14, 2011

Email Mon, 14 Feb 2011

HAPPY DIA DE LOS ENAMORADOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya the parrot was a pet, there are actually a lot of pet parrots! And some of them talk, but they say bad words....... :(
Carlos now has his date for the 26th so his father can be there but it is pretty much set in stone now! He is cruising along! He could be teaching me about the doctrine! His Mother is also working on divorce paper stuff so she can get married and then get baptised, it´s quite the process! The other day we had a great lesson with them and our bishop on chastity, fasting, and tithing! The bishop ended up teaching a lot and did it very well! He talked about how we can love our future spouses even before we get to know them! Just by keeping ourselves pure! I really liked that thought! And it was a great lesson!
I can´t believe the Foreigner has already come up! That was soooooo fast!
Anyhow, sorry this is shorter! We have a FHE to go to, but all is good out here!
Luv ya tons!

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