Sunday, November 27, 2011

Email 21 Nov 2011

Hola! ¿Cómo anda? I hope you´re all doing just great! and hopefully better than me, at least physically. These last couple of days have really kicked mine and my companion´s bottoms with health. It all started saturday morning, I woke up just horrible, my stomache had a nuclear bomb dropped in it or something. Constantly I flet like I was going to throw up, but didn´t thank goodness. Then started the diarrea! and then aches and I felt really hot and sweaty! It was not good, I actually took a nap for awhile and my comp studdied more... then we pretty much had to stay home and find things useful to do there cause I couldn´t leave, we did make it to a couple appointments, but I felt bad cause in each one I had to use the bathroom for awhile. When night-time rolled around, my comp started feeling the same symptoms and he went to the bathroom probably 9 times during the night, and you can imagine that we were both just dead for church the next day, just feeling exauhsted and yucky! But we survived church thankfully, but no investigators came.... not that great of a way to end the week. Luckily today we´re feeling better, at least we hope we continue like this. Anyhow, sadly enough, that´s the biggest news we have for this last week. We´ve been trying so many things to find people, but it´s still been difficult. and our health situation didn´t help, but this week we´ll find some more! I´m glad that there´s a lot of work in the studio, that´s good stuff! A few of our investigators/ less active members that we have helped out have been able to get better jobs and are more happy lately, their starting to see the blessings of the Lord more in their lives. Here Thanksgiving is called Dia De Gracias! but no one celebrates it, they just have the name! We´ll try to find something fun to do, or at least something good to eat that day! The photos are of one of the many cakes we had on our birthdays! a photo of us helping Hermana Paola move (notice what it says in the background, and that wasn´t even planned!) and a funny picture of us with Maite and Aurora! Thanks a lot for the email and the love and support! Luv ya tons! Keep up the good work!

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