Sunday, November 6, 2011

31 Oct 2011 Email

Oh ya, the pictures! that´s our new project we did in our house, we also have one of temples! A picture from Hermana Paola´s birthday party! Fishing with Pat! Decorations! and the baptism! Wow.....First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! I expect to see everyones costumes! Secondly, this last week really was a week full of blessings! Starting off, I did get my package! Thanks a ton! I already ate the oat-meal and some of the cereal! And the decor is up (see photos) and I´m waiting now for my B-day in order to open up the wrapped (in special spiderman wrapping paper) items! Then.... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see photo) Silvia is now baptised! It went really well! I had the privilege to baptise her! The water was warm! It was awesome! We had a decent turn-out! It was also my kid´s first baptism! Nice stuff! The best part was after we had finished changing the mission leader asked Silvia if she wanted to give her testimony, being a timid girl she said no, but to finish off the night he gave time to the members to bare a quick testimony and guess who got up at the very end?.... Silvia! and I liked the other testimonies a lot, but her´s hit me hard. It is the greatest feeling for a missionary to really be able to see that a convert is truly converted and knows.... it was a great experience! The next day she got confirmed! And they asked Elder Goeckeritz to do it! He was freaking out so bad! He was so nervous! I think he gave her a head massage! But he did just fine! Also his first confirmation! It is really cool actually for me to be able to have these experiences with my kid as a trainer, he also annointed an Hermana for a blessing yesterday! Also, I don´t know if I´ve mentioned the Sarubbi family in any of my emails, they´re a less active family that used to be really active, really good family! The grandma, mom, and her two kids. Something happened in the church and they stopped coming at the beginning of the year. The missionaries have always visited them because they are really cool but they just haven´t been able to get them to church. In my whole 4 months here we´ve been visiting them still every now and then to try and build up their spirits! The last lesson we had with them just ended up bad, lots of shouting and tears, and anger towards the ward at least from the grandma, we were really sad and just didn´t know what to do, we left a conference talk, "Two lines of communication" by Elder Oaks, and they hadn´t read it... to my surprise, when we were taking Maite to primary sunday, the 2 Sarubbi kids came running in the room! My first thought was ´What are you doing here?´ then I had one of those duh moments, if they were there then the mom and grandma must be down stairs! We hurried down and sure enough! They were in there sitting with the members! And I don´t think I´ve had a bigger smile on my face in my whole life when I waved to them in there! The mom then told me afterwards that she couldn´t stop thinking about us the whole week and that she´d read the talk and something must have touched her and gave her the strength to go! She said they´re going to go every week now! Those are amazing words to hear. It truly has been a blessed week! We´re preparing for 2 more baptisms this saturday if all goes well! And we are really excited! I haven´t been so happy in such a long time! It´s amazing! The district is doing really good too and if all the planned baptisms go through this weekend we´ll have 6 baptisms in the district! That would be the best birthday present for me and even for my comp. Anyhow! Glad to hear that Abigail is such a great baby! I can´t wait to be able to see her in person... well I can wait.. about three months more :) Thanks for writing me! I hope you have a great Halloween! It´s my favorite holliday so party it up!!! Luv ya tons! Chau!

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