Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Email 7 Jun 2011

Enrique Borjes is his name! And he´s doing good, came to church for his second time yesterday and he seems to be fine. Poco a poco (little by little) we´re gonna help him. The only problem is that he lives really far away! 3 miles out I´d say! But he really wants to progress, he´s had a darker past and wants to change! Sadly no one else made it to church, we were hoping to see a few that told us they would come, but alas, they didn´t. It was kind of sad. People just don´t have any interest in religion anymore, and I think the further and further time goes on that gorge that seperates the people of God and the rest of the world will just get larger and larger. I´m seeing the prophecies of Paul to Timothy like never before coming to past, that men will become lovers of their own selves, pleasure seekers, and without emotion... it´s really incredible, stuff you don´t see in Happy Valley as much. The prophecies are real! I can testify of it, they are being fulfilled everyday and we need to be ready!
I hope all of the partying and festivities are going well! We´ll be doing karaoke this friday for a missionary/ward activity! I´m extremely excited! I´m glad you got to see the slide show! And I am proud of Daniel for the pose! That´s some good stuff! And Alana´s bike is pretty much awesome! I even like the colors! But I actually have to say I´m even more impressed with the shirt she´s wearing! :) Makes me proud! So....it got to 80 dgrees and yet it was snowing just before? That´s crazy! Right now it´s raining and cold! But we press on!
I´m happy you´re pressing on in the reading! I´m loving it! I started Mormon today! Getting close to the end! Finished up all of the Savior in America! It´s been really great! We´ve actually found the Living Scripture cartoons on youtube and have watched some with Juan Carlos´ family! I love those videos even more now than ever! The stories just mean so much more to me now! If you guys leave a will when you die, I want the Living Scriptures series for my kids in the future!
So the photos, we´ve got our zone t-shirt from the previous change! A nice juicy, mouthwatering, steamy asádo! The area that Enrique lives in, way out in nowheresville! A bathroom I used while out in nowheresville! And a cool new tie I got!
Nice, thanks so much for the photos! For the love and support! Keep up on the reading as a family! It´s good stuff! It´s the truth! Luv ya tons! Hasta luego!

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