Monday, June 20, 2011

Email 20 June 2011

FINALLY!!!! Juan Carlos got into the habbit, with his mom, of only coming to church for the Sacrament meeting! But this last sunday, after a long time, he got to the class before! My hero, or better said heroine, is Beatriz! She had an interview with the Bishop and he talked to her about going the whole time to church and ever since she´s always made it to the class before! She´s old and fragile, but she leaves early and makes it! She even fasted and it made her sick becuase her body was not used to it, but she didn´t complain, she didn´t even tell us, we found out about it from Rosa. She also helped with a fundraiser and she´s just awesome! Always posotive! I´m gonna miss her when it comes time to go! We actually had a really good lesson about the temple, the father wasn´t there though, but we are unraveling the real doubts in Rosa.... she´ll come around.

Other good news, take that back.......FANTASTIC news is that Enrique is getting baptised this saturday!!!! I´m so excited for him, just to be able to see him washed clean after such a dark past! It´s amazing!

The Lionel guy threw the pamphlets back in our faces and doesn´t want to see us again.....enough said on that subject.

Wow....Ariel is going to have a baby! Andra is out and married! And April just sent me a photo with her new hair! TEENAGE HAIR!!! That really made my eyes go big! She looks older! I´m not going to recognize my little sis when I get back!!! So many changes!

I finished the Book of Mormon! With the markings and everything! It was really a fun adventure! I´ve now embarked on another great adventure! "Jesus the Christ"! I´m already past page 100! It´s awesome stuff! I´m eating it up like Christmas Dinner! I´ve also heard a lot of testimonies about the Book of Mormon! We´re trying to work better with members and get them excited about handing out Book of Mormons! That´s what we talked a lot about at the conference we had thursday! Elder Foster of the seventy came and talked with us, it was a really good conference! Oh.. funny thing too, we missed our bus to go to Mercedes for the conference, so we ended up going in the back of our mission leader´s truck! I took a video, so you´ll be able to see when the card makes it home! It was a 40 min drive, a little chilly!

That´s about all for this week! Thanks so much for all the support! Luv ya tons!

Photos: Helping make roscitas! (miniature doghnuts), Something really cool I got for the room back home!, Some statue we saw on our trip to the peninsula!

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