Friday, June 25, 2010

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 15:29:56 -0300

From: Michael Scott Hancock
Subject: Re: from Mom

Well to start off....Dad should be proud of me, I just shot my first wedding today :) ha ha! One of our investigators, I really think she´s gonna get baptised, got married today! So ya, for P-day, I went to my first Guayan wedding!.... it consisted of waiting in a hallway while they signed papers and then going into a small room with everyone and watching them sign more papers, listen to a guy talk, and put rings on eachother´s fingers! YAY! And they needed someone to take photos, and since for some reason Uruguayans can´t take photos that well, I did it :) I got a few on my camera too so you´ll get to see those! It was pretty neet, pretty fun. IT was down town where all the larger buildings are and stuff so I took some pictures of that too. And ya! Uruguay is in the Cup baby!!! They tied France 0-0, then they won South Africa 3-0, and just now they won Mexico 1-0!!! It was really funny, we watched it in a mall down here while we ate and everyone was in the food courts sitting in front of the TV watching, I mean everyone! It was awesome! Pretty neat that they made it, and if the US wins the next one, and possibly even if they tie, they can make it in! so ya.. pretty cool :)
Anyhow... we got our changes last night! Surprise surprise, I´m staying in my area again! But I´m changing companions, Elder Roney is heading up north to Rivera and he´s gonna be comps with my MTC comp! I´m staying here and my new comp´s name is Elder Lockheart. I´ve never met him, but I hear he´s pretty cool and close to the end of his mission. So there it is, 6 weeks more in Cerro baby!
I don´t know if it´s better box or not, I just know everyone who´s done it in boxes hasn´t had problems, Elder Roney´s always gotten his stuff just fine... so we´ll see.
So this party at the Vallejo´s (which I actually get how to pronounce, and actually has a different pronunciation in castellano) sounds like it was really fun! and this house sounds pretty intense! Speaking of old ward members, do you remember the Tippets family? I think they lived in our ward forever ago, there´s an Elder Tippets here in the mission and I think he was in my primary class forever ago, I didn´t get to ask him, but I believe it´s him. Anyhow.. pretty small world I guess.
I actually miss the mountains.... and hiking in them.. I do plenty of hiking in the streets everyday! but I miss the mountains, I see them everytime I look at the family photo! And I´ll tell you what, it was pretty cold down here this morning, I´m sleeping with my beany and a scarf, we do have a little portable heater, but it costs a lot to run it so it´s usually only on for about an hour in the morning while we study, it´s actually pretty nice right now, but still pretty cool.. I think last night it was like 10 degrees celcius... yup! But I´m keeping warm enough!
We made burritos the other day... took some pics and a little video of that... pretty fun, and since Elder Roney is leaving the area, we visted abunch of people the other day and took more photos, so ya, some more good photos to come. Right now we´re teaching a really cool family! I believe they´re gonna get baptised no problem, we´ve had only 3 lessons with them, but they love everything we say, they agree, they actually read what we leave them, they actually took 2 pages of notes on their own and looked up words in the dictionary! It´s a missionaries dream!!! I´m really looking forward to working with them more and hopefully getting them in the water :) Just proof that God really does prepare people, you just have to get out there and find them :) I pretty much get to feel the Spirit all the time, learning a bunch of stuff and loving it! My Spanish still has a long way to go, but it´s getting better all the time! We had our last zone conference with Pres. and Sister Petersen! It was really good, we´re gonna miss them, but we´ve only heard good things about the new Pres. and Sister Heaton, so we´re excited to work with them, they´ll get here the 1st of July! Anyhow... that´s about it for now...I have a bunch of scriptures that would be fun to read for a Noche de hogar (Family home evening), I´ll send them next week! Anyhow, I hope you´re all still reading, and praying and everything else! I tell you, we had 0 investigators come to church this last week and it´s pretty sad... Make sure you go to church no matter what, it´s where the Lord wants you to be! Keep writing me! Keep me informed of everything! and be good!
Les quiero muchos! Chow!

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 10:58 PM, wrote:
Hola! Elder Hancock,

So we sent off a package to you! This time we sent it in a box. The postal guys didn't think it would make a difference whether
it was sent in a pouch or a box. They said, they would open it and take it if they wanted to whether it was in a box or not.
I stuck crosses on it, but I don't know that makes a difference either. I sent another alarm clock with batteries. We'll see if you get
this one. Then a few other fun things. You will have to let me know what you actually get. I did put an envelope inside with some pictures
you had wanted of yourself. There is a letter from April & Andra in it too and your camera card. Hopefully you get it.

We were invited to the Vallejo's new home for a Hawaiin Luau last night. They have an amazing home. Kids got to go swimming
in their pool, they had the full hawaiin entertainment. Singers, dancers, fire eaters.... They had the roasted pig and everything. It was fun,
they had invited all the 3rd ward plus people who used to be in the 3rd ward. Fun seeing everyone.

I went with dad earlier that day to Brighton Ski Resort. He was taking pictures for a 50th anniversary... family photos. The dad of the family
is one of the sealers in the Timpanogos Temple that we would see Wednesday mornings when we do sealings. It is a really pretty canyon and
we decided we needed to go up and do some hikes up that canyon!

I actually went a night hike with Mick, Ariel, April and Alana to Scout Falls. I didn't go the whole way... there was still a glacier blocking the way....
plus I need to work out more! It wore me out. But it was fun.

My lesson for Young Womens today was on personal revelation. Good stuff! A brought a radio to class and talked about how we need
to "tune in" to the Holy Ghost. Then the volume was way down, and we talked about how we needed to be "Close" to the Holy Ghost.
What an amazing gift we are given! If we just try to live the best we can, we can receive guidance and inspiration anytime!

We watched the US vs Slovakia soccer game. How is Uruguay doing? I haven't been able to see any of their games.

Have a great week! You probably won't get the package for at least another week, but watch for it soon! :)

I love to hear from you and all that you are doing! Love you tons!!!!!


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